AnRKey X — DeFi Gaming Rewards for Sports Lovers


AnRKey X is a decentralized sporting platform exchange to provide maximum-scale interactive entertainment for the community members through the integration of DeFi mining network.


This sporting platform has an application system known as m$ports in its operational network which is responsible for the liquidity mining process which makes game products more fun and easy through the implementation of NFTs that is 100% efficient.

AnRKey also has a real game studio and gDEX platform that provides potential groundbreaking for a maximum full-scale interactive session for community members.


Community members are elated about the news of AnRKey joining force with DeFi Gaming Coalition to bring fantasy sports, social betting, and the hybrid world to the sporting system which will create more aliveness for the ecosystem.AnRKey X teams have launched their DeFi game battle wave application system which will provide an innovative solution for any DeFi updates issue.

AnRKey X has achieved a great milestone by having $ANRX live on PancakeSwap for trading at relatively low gas fees and with an ultra-fast transaction network, after completing the first round of beta testing of battle wave 2323 application network.

Lepriconio has joined forces with AnRKey with the main purpose of providing a gamified DeFi application system with a principal focus to enhance the user experience, flexibility, NFT utility, and transparency.

It was a great day for the $ANRX token holder when the AnRKey teams announced the launching of PancakeSwap on their system network which will enable their token holders to transact and transfer their token effortlessly through a simple swap interface which is located on the system website through DeFi network.

What a week for the ecosystem! When the AnRKey teams launched Battle Wave 2323 on May 1st where a weekly prize pool of 1000,000$ANRX is shared among the community members and also Beta testing went live on Twitch to provide an equal playing field for sports lovers.

It was a massive achievement for all AnRKey token holders when the launching of PancakeSwap is featured among the top 10 DeFi updates at alycoinbuzz.

The first-ever DeFi powered Celebrity in history is announced by AnRKey which was launched with the main purpose to generate APY rewards for community members. Furthermore, the distribution of battle wave 2323 public beta testing reward was massive, which is a positive accomplishment for the participant’s where the winner is given #NFTs value worth of $539. This will essentially influence the active participation of prospective testing competition and also attract more staker in the exploitation of the gaming platform for future benefits.


AnRKey is a sporting platform where stakers can play, stake their tokens, compete in future gaming Esport, and earned rewards on what they loving doing most. This finance will improve the aliveness of the ecosystem.

Moreover, the recent accomplishment of AnRKey X will attract more staker and investors to stake their tokens, play games, and equally, get the reward on their stake assets.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye