Attainments of Bluzelle Network for Web Development


Bluzelle is a decentralized network supplier to permit the user’s to build a scalable database as required for Blockchain administrative system.



The operational system of Bluzelle is very easy to implement for database architects due to its automated network to process multiple inputs, output, memory, and other necessary information in the right way.


The network of Bluzelle covers a wide varities of coverage as demand increases to ensure data is automatically scalable for the web developers to enhance the necessary scale required for the community members.


Bluzelle is an automated network that calculates traffic charges based on the required storage at a cheaper rate. The community members have a clear knowledge of how much they’re paying from the scratch on transaction and traffic charges, unlike the traditional cloud database.


On the 28th of April, Genesis Shards announced its strategic collaboration with Bluzelle, intending to provide data access to its next-generation oracle network and data storage for the community members in the ecosystem.

Bluzelle team has announced the launching of the seminar on the 2nd of April 2021 for the community members on Web 3.0 Technology talk, in which the users will have the opportunity to learn about the basic principle of creating Web.3.0 application network and strengthening of infrastructure data storage. This seminar will also create an avenue for the community members to join forces together on the functioning and development of Web 3.0 tools for data developers and the overall growth of the ecosystem at large.

Bluzelle teams are preparing for the launching of BLZ -BNB fluidity pool on their network system on Pancake Swap thereby create an avenue to support the Binance Smart Chain process to provide $BLZ holders the benefits of #BSC for either staking or trading purpose.

The creation of the BSC network by Bluzelle teams has effectively the network activities among the community members and ensure high output at lower transaction fees. The integration of the BSC network on the system platform will effectively permit the application system to allow easy flow of data into the Bluzelle database through a smart contract.

Bluzelle network has effectively expanded its ecosystem to a new territory by joint forces with Korean Market through its collaboration with @R Block _ Agency to localize its products in South Koreans for more expansions and global recognition.

Division Network has joined forces with Bluzelle network through integration

of decentralized oracle system by providing leverage storage services for the community members and all NFT created by the users thereby certifying NFT through the Bluzelle URLs.


Bluzelle’s partnership with numerous finance has taken the ecosystem to a new level, while also setting a strong foundation for future collaboration for the development of the data developer and the overall benefits for both the community members and investors partnership with the network system.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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