Bluzelle Project — Various Developments Accomplished By the Platform

Welcome Fellow Crypto Enthusiasts, In today’s article we’ll be discussing and highlighting the great developements accomplished by Bluzelle over the past few months. These developements are going to help users to fully understand the advantages and dedicated consistency displayed by the platform. Before the discussion, a little knowledge on what Bluzelle project is about will be stated below.

Bluzelle platform is basically a decentralized or community based storage platform for the developer economy. Bluzelle project grants great security, Censorship- resistance and of course consistent availability. Bluzelle project also helps to secure the Creator’s intellectual property, whether they are musicians, publishers, developers or even scientists. The platform’s team assures it’s users of free access to their content as they store their individual creations on the network. Below are the previously Iterated developements made by Bluzelle.

ShieldFinance is multichain Decentralized or Community based Insurance aggregator medium that permits users to purchase protection or security against prominent market crashes, because of various factors such as hacking, rugpulling, exploits and so on. They are presently adopting a lot of insurance based providers in order to enable their Community with deteriorated slippage and diversification.

On the 10th of May, Bluzelle project announced their Collaboration with Shieldfinance in order to amplify the adoption of Decentralized finance, while developing a 1 stop- shop refined experience to all DeFi operators.

Bluzelle & ShieldFinance are working together to enhance Web 3 adoption and integration by driving maximized utility. The bluzelle project is going to be granting reliable & accurate data pricefeeds to ShieldFinance’s Contract for Market Crash Security. On the flip side, ShieldFinance is going to be enabling a great server for bluzelle’s coin to gain access to insurance based providers in order to properly structure maximized security.
ShieldFinance’s collaboration with the platform is a great step forward in the case of “Market Crash Security Contracts”.

This NFT based storage is going to allow various individuals to easily store their NFTcontent & meta data in a secure manner that is superior to File Coin.

Bluzelle Project’s Oracle grants huge demand feeds for various Decentralized Finance apps. It has 3 features that certifies it’s great Oracle based services, which are; Quick pricing- intervals, High standard pricedata with high end security triggers.

Call Of data is basically the platform’s datayielding app that grants rewards to BLZ operators due to their data set uploads on the network. Rewards upto 10 thousand dollars are granted weekly to the best of the best.

The future aim is to simple upload records while rewarding users for working. In order to prevent bad- data from causing network spam, the platform’s team created the cross- sourced Functionality for voting.

Bluzelle project is really looking to ensure security for all data based creations developed by various creators, while incentivizing BLZ operators with rewards for their tasks. The platform’s decentralized finance solution were created to optimize the DeFi sector along with historical pricefeeds. The project was placed to play a specific role for the growht of DeFi economy.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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