Choice Coin — A Great Feature And Solution to Decentralized Governance

In the Ecosystem of Community based or decentralized digital assets involved in the chain network industry, the governance sector is something that must be fully automated for activities like voting operations and so on, with the Democratic system. These Decentralized governance issues are basically the intricate problems involved in asset allocation across community based networks. This also means that there’s a lack of functionality to really facilitate the independent or sovereign decision making in a allocative manner through the use of digital assets.

Choice coin was announced and released to solve this particular issue by enabling a functionality which facilitates voting security through post quantum cryptography, so it’s simply a voting token for sovereign organizations.

Choice Coin is an Algorand chain network based and communitybased voting asset. The Coin’s aim is to really facilitate the involvement of the democratic sector and the efficiency of community based voting. The Democracy involvement programs will really enable rewards to participants of democratic processes through different means. Also, a particular silo will be distributed towards the democratic rewards. Another participation program done on the platform is for research and information, where various users will be rewarded for contributing to the blogs, and other information for the community. Over the course of the article, a few features and functionalities will be detailed to fully understand the Coin’s unique system.


Choice Coin basically acts as the main core or back bone for every Alogeneous smart contract development, transfers and apps. The refined process or functionality of how the smart contract transfers choice coin to Algorand blockchain is called Algogeneous Assimilation. This permits the reward system, circulatory supply growth, and transactions to really incentivize a conventional participation.


Incentives also play a big role in enacting democracy in the finance industry. These incentives permit the process of wealth and asset distribution across the chain network ecology. Choice Coin will focus and utilize incentives on various aspects such as open source software improvement, development, and especially research. Choice coin also concentrate the primary distribution towards programming, inventing and so on, while the secondary distribution initiative in the community will be focused on marketing, charity etc.

There are 2 main systems involved in the distribution of incentives, which are; manual and autonomous distribution or transfer.

Manual distribution : this basically means the direct distribution to the participants through the managers account.

Autonomous distribution: This involves the automatic distribution of Choice coins into the participant’s account through smart contracts.

Another huge feature on Choice coin is their various or diverse alternatives provided for participants to join the community making their name well known around the ecosystem. This community participation on Choice coin may occur through several mediums such as Github, Algorand Blockchain, Twitter and Discord. Developing a civil ecosystem for various democratic and consensus discussions.

ASA (Algorand Standard Asset)

This is basically a cyber proof, that will be tokenized to represent a certain value. Choice coin is a brand new Algorand Standard asset created particularly for governance purposes and democratic involvement encouragement.


The Choice Coin is a Voting coin which fuels sovereign organizations and functions as the fundamental participation coin or token for every community based and Centralized organizations. Choice Coin was formed and structured to provide limited supply, that is going to be better than the overall circulatory supply. The supply benchmark really reflects an extensible strategy to provide a diverse use case for the assets, while safeguarding volatilities in price from market supposition. The total limited supply of Choice Coin 1,000,000,000. Choice coin is launched to be distributed in a circulating supply. This circulating supply basically means the interests made to support the network and supplement community value.


Choice Coin is really proving to be a great digital asset for the democratic, decentralized and centralized ecosystem. With its dedication to incentives, participation and open innovative programs, rewards are readily available and efficiently transferred to those who perform their tasks. This is not just a voting token but a great gateway towards artificial Intelligence, quantum cryptography and ethics excellence.



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