Comprehensive guide for stakers using imToken


StaFi is a platform system that unlock the liquidity of user’s staked financial assets. Token holders can receive a reward through staking their Proof of stake token known as POS through the network system and earn rToken as reward which can be used in trading or staking.


rETH is one of the essential tools that provides solution to the liquidity of user’s staked assets adopted by StaFi platform system to unlock rToken of community members. rETH can be integrated on Multiple chain layers to give user’s access to DeFi application system which will enhance the user’s willingness to stake which will lead to increase in network staking ratio thereby decreasing the rate of liquidity in the platform system.

The rate of liquidity risk has been mitigated by StaFi platform by enhancing the users and token holder to trade their rETH in exchange for liquidity service.


imToken is a dynamic cryptocurrency wallet for Ethereum multi-chain centralized application system. imToken wallet permit users to save multiple decentralized asset which implement an advanced security pattern with a pneumonic set of phrases or digital verification to protect user’s private information on the mobile system. ImToken also allows the exchangeability of tokens functions computerized by DEX. Furthermore, this wallet permits the users to manage several wallets with only one mnemonic security phase thereby supporting multi-function verification in securing users’digital assets and resources.

Comprehensive guide for stakers using imToken

Token holders and users need to follow the following steps below carefully in downloading the imToken wallet, to stake on the system platform, trade and exchange their Ethereum tokens on the dashboard application system for more incentives rewards during stakingDrop.

Before proceeding to stake pool, the first guide on imToken is the downloading of the application system on the mobile network through the essential link:

The next required task is the selection of Eth 2 staking after initially importing of ETH account on the imToken wallet page.

Users needs to choose Ethereum App on the staking page of Eth2 and proceed by selecting Eth2 on the staking supplier menu, thereby choosing “rETH”

Selecting the value of Ethereum to be bet or stake on the staking page is the next required function that needs to be carried out on the rETH application, after then users can proceed by clicking on stake.

Under the current page on the Ethereum application system, there is a numerical value of rewards that users will receive during the StakingDrop. Users need to proceed further by confirming the transaction process by entering “next”.

After carrying out the staking procedure, the dashboard staking page will display the amount of reward of rETH to be received.

Proceed to the exchange curve to trade rETH on the trading platform and click on the “Claimable” function to get the staking benefits which is accessible during stakingDrop.

Token holders and users can add up FIS contract addresses after earning their reward.


Users can now follow the guide carefully and proceed in having imToken on the mobile app to participate on the StakingDrop to earn incentive rewards as a return.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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