EasyFi — A Layer 2 Lending Protocol for Digital Assets


Blockchain has an acclimatization impact as it was been used in recent years. Its deficiency of proper management and control has led to a perilous environment. This drawback leads to the difficulty of users appreciating its benefice. Blockchain has slow-paced and ponderous in its transaction activities.

Customer’s hiring and UX is another limitation experienced by during gasless transaction with much Defi design in the last few months but, the good news is the implementation of Easyfi which have successfully eradicate this problem by providing competitive frictionless customer’s hiring into the platform with integral boundary transaction for the user’s purposely for different of its ecological community for project collaborators.


Easyfi is a policy built-in support to resolve some of the natural instigation encountered by Gen Defi solution with regards to the transaction speed and value which are a barrier for Defi operations at large. Excessive interest rate charges by both local and international financiers have alerted their users in exploiting the use of Easyfi to access trillions in the capital that can be distributed effectively and efficiently.


Easyfi moreover introduced certain structured activities for the liberality of the masses that will enhance the users to receive adequate farming from evident initiative opportunity. They’re also involved in society sensitization on their plans to make finance easier for all esteemed users.


Easyfi will provide credit revocation as one of its bedrock products for excessive dependence based loans where trust is the primary principle element between two parties involved by accepting the agreed terms upon the freedom from any iota of doubt of the borrower.

Credit delegation can be perceived as an understanding between entities involved between the lender and the borrower of choice before the transaction is being done. Therefore, credit delegation can be simply be identified as “Ascertained borrower”

Any two parties evaluating the formality can participate in an established agreement where the depositors’ wealth can be hired by the financial institution of the legal entity.

Another benefit of Easyfi is well developed in utilizing layers to digital ledger explication to implement inexpensive, accelerated, and more productive effective transactions.

In addition to this, Easyfi is reinforced to facilitate perceptible global credit prerequisite with necessity disburse of capital to global market therefore authorizing greater strength and empowering properly authorized by their users.

Easyfi is one of the first Defi design well developed on Matic blockchain in which Matic is complementing the Easyfi by rendering of native stackers whereas enlarging to Easy token for the formation of dual farming with native stacking among the other blockchain.



The flexibility offered by Easyfi on its platform will encourage the user’s in making them their most reliable financial institution partners.

Over collateralization is one of the obstacles in entering agreements between borrowers and lenders, so it’s very essential to lessen the loss of financial investment caused by adverse price movements and interest foreign fluctuations.

Convectional markets have reliable reckoning measures with accompanying engrossing and compelling systems put in place to create credibility solvency which is determined by the borrower’s repayment history and credit score of a user.

Moreover, Defi dearth such established touchstone procedures for the user’s to access their data. This leads to retaining data usage for an extended time to create credibility among borrowers and to notify any delinquency of non-payment of the borrowers. Therefore, making use of the keinfox borrower’s credit score borrower’s estimation makes it easier to disburse loans to their customers at reasonable and acceptable collateralization rates. Thereby strengthening the bond between the Easyfi financial institution and their user’s which will create the highest level of trust and credibility.

To know more about Easyfi, kindly check https://easyfi.network

Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye

Telegram : @Seyeski

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