The world of finance has recorded a big paradigm shift since DeFi hit the grounds running in the global financial system. The impact of decentralized finance is visible in all the financial industries around the world and continues to echo in various economies. Today, we have various Dapps, financial tools and projects developed to help ease the adoption of this approach of finance into the reins of the society.

While diverse projects are failing to make their mark in the DeFi industry, Easyfi network has become a beacon of hope for subscribers to thrive within the industry


Easyfi is a modern age protocol built to solve the prevalent issues in first generation solutions in the industry of decentralized finance, it is a DeFi solution designed to address the issues of slow block confirmation, transaction speed and high cost which has affected the adoption of this new financial paradigm.

The easyfi network proposes a decentralized micro lending experience which will enable users to have access to small unit loans which are completely under collaterized for businesses, medical emergencies or early salary situations. Furthermore, it also proffers credit default swaps to facilitate the conversion of loans of specific sizes to tradable instruments and sold to various institutional clients.

These are only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the offerings associated with this innovative DeFi protocol. Moreeso, built on a layer 2 blockchain infrastructure, easyfi offers a totally cheap, fast, and high liquidity for users in the industry, there is stronger adoption as it solves real time credit requirements with the needed capital supply, and by incorporating matic which is famous for integrating a plasma network, easyfi leverage this infrastructure to proffer the best of layer 2 solutions as regards to cost and speed while maintaining deep liquidity from Etherum chain.

meanwhile the easyfi team is quite relentless in developing the ecosystem, this informs its incorporation of various firms to increase usability and improve adoption, let’s briefly consider some of the recent strides of the network towards better DeFi experience.

  • EASYFI has recently succeeded in the integration of CLOVER to facilitate cross chain compatibility, the idea is to bring polkadot based assets to layer 2 money markets, the partnership is to help easyfi expand to more evolving ecosystem,list of newer collateral options and foster interoperability.
  • The Easyfi network shows no signs of slowing down in attaining wide scale adoption as it is successfully included in DEBANKDEFI,from where users can track portfolio, explore diverse projects and compare rates within the industry.
  • It will interest you to know that binance has successfully added a new pair,EASY/#BTC on the exchange with trading set to begin on the 19 february 2021.
  • The easyfi ecosystem is stoked to announce its partnership with RAMPDeFi to further delve into lending of derivative assets on the layer 2 money market, this will help in maximizing capital efficiencies on staked digital assets as well as unlock liquid capital from staked assets.
  • easyfi is keen to overcome the underlized borrowing side of the system, it is set to provide under and un-collaterized loans for users by entering an alliance with one of the leading blockchain based borrowing and lending platforms, EntrepreneurIND.
  • The network has also been added to Nomics, a transparent crypto price and data aggregator of modern times to give users access to clean gapless primary source trade, order book and other important crypto related information.


The Easyfi network has since its inception made its mark in DeFi, creating a favourable ecosystem for users to thrive, offering loans, lucrative liquidity pools, cost effective and fast transactions among other things.

Meanwhile, the protocol is reinventing the ecosystem to attain optimum performance and be sought by many in DeFi, this informs its multiple alliances with several blockchain based projects, it is expected that in a couple of months, there will be more addition to this ever advancing innovative network.

For more relevant information, kindly visit https://easyfi.network

Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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