Easyfi Roadmap Q4 2021 Review


The growth of any Blockchain system is determined by the milestone achievement the platform has experienced on various projects for the betterment of their users, investors, and for the development of the ecosystem at large. EasyFi protocol system has achieved considerable milestone success over long periods which ranges from the offering of better user experience on a new product, service, and maximum transmission of a multi-chain asset to their users.


EasyFi is a dynamic protocol system that offers lending financial services to their users that is designed primarily in focusing on scalability, permissionless network, and system adoption on digital assets through exploration of the smart contract.

The platform was created in lending financial digital assets through the implementation of a public network to facilitate permissionless network services in improving the financial network of community members in the ecosystem.


EasyFi has some features that provide exciting functions to the system protocol in discharging both secured and under collateralized loans to their users and investors of the platform system.

The offering of collateralized loans

Many financial Blockchain in the ecosystem implements the use of the collateralized loan in the stabilization of the lending industry for easy accessibility of digital assets. EasyFi offers a more flexible interest rate to their users which will make it easier to apply for small loans for any emergency purpose.

B. Use of CDS ( Credit Default Swaps) service.

The protocol system provides CDS for their users to have access to a certain number of loans that can be exchanged or swapped to tradable assets to users who are willing to cover the capital loss. This implements the issue of credit insurance cards to prospective investors of the platform system thereby creating passive income to the users.


EasyFi has implemented a project that will ensure full lending protocol service is attained for the users after completing the full audit of their multichain protocol network system. This project will also permit the platform system to establish new features like money markets to their prospective investors.

Another initiative features the system is planning is the exploration of new products that will encourage active participation of traders and liquidity providers in improving the user’s safety perception about the platform system and enhance massive adoption of the DeFi market for community members in the ecosystem.

The finance system is developing a complete decentralization network through the implementation of DAO for setting up smart contract service and support which will make the system process run smoothly in offering funds and resources to their esteemed users.

EasyFi platform has offered a complex series of advanced smart contract which offers better governance of smart assets and maximum security to user’s digital assets in a gasless manner for the seamless transaction of a universal multiple chain system.

All these milestones stated above have a meaningful impact on the future development and growth of the platform system which has strategically improve the massive adoption of the DeFi layers in the Blockchain industry among the community members in the ecosystem. The system remains more flexible than ever in ensuring the future development of the platform system through more innovative features implementation in taking the system to greater heights and improving the lending protocol network at a conceptualized pace


This innovative development will further motivate the community members in exploring the platform system further and propel the system network into a new orbit for further growth. This is indeed a welcome development for not EasyFi platform alone but for the Blockchain system at large.
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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast