IndiGG — Developments Achieved During the Month of May

Michael Oluseye
3 min readMay 29, 2022

Today on the article, we’re going to delve into the recent developments and updates Achieved by the IndiGG platform. So far, the project has onboarded 456 scholars and has organized educational boot camps. Alongside this: tournaments and other activities like AMAs with builders and founders in the space. Additionally, they plan to partner with several NFT games. Also aiming to teach these communities about crypto, DeFi and the opportunities within them. Now, for those curious, the IndiGG Discord is open. They have more than 12,000 dedicated members already partaking in conversations. Before listing and detailing more of their recent developments for the month of May, an introduction to the IndiGG platform will be given.


IndiGG is basically India’s SubDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of Yield Guild Games (YGG). You can also say that it is a regional extension of Yield Guild Games, which is backed by Polygon Studios. They wish to benefit from the largest gaming talent pool in the world, by bringing Indian gamers into the metaverse to increase their opportunities in earning.


Blast Royale Partnership

On the 12th of May, the team was thrilled to partner with Blast Royale, which is one of the games they’re most excited to deploy to their community. As part of their partnership, IndiGG will invest $50,000 in tokens in the game. For more info:

Delysium Partnership

On the 23rd of May, IndiGG was excited to announce their partnership with Delysium, an upcoming open world FPS web3 game that has solid gameplay and looks extremely fun to play. For more info about it:

IndiGG Invests in OlaGG

On the 27th of May, IndiGG announces that they have invested in OlaGG, which is a fellow YGG SubDAO. IndiGG team was really proud to announce that they have invested in Ola GuildGames as part of our strategy to work closely with our fellow YGG hyperlocal subDAOs bringing web3 gaming to developing regions

For more info:

IndiGG and Skyweaver Partnership (Community Stream & Game leaderboard Season 1 and 2)

On the 24th of May, the team were excited to announce the IndiGG x Skyweaver Game Leaderboard (Season 1 & 2). The Top 1000 people in the Skyweaver Discovery Leaderboards in each season get rewards from a total prize pool of ₹45,00,000 (~$56,000). Users have to Sign up using IndiGG extension to be eligible for the rewards.

On the 25th of May, at 9:00 PM IST, the platform also conducted an IndiGG and Skyweaver community stream. Users were welcome to join the livestream in order to try and beat Ishan Arya from The Esports Club , a long time gamer and a new champion of Skyweaver from the Indian gaming scene. For more info:


IndiGG has already made considerable progress in its objective to empower these p2e communities by working with numerous NFT games that may serve as a doorway for these communities to learn about crypto and DeFi. Over 4,400 passionate and helpful people contribute to the success of the subDAO on the IndiGG Discord server, and with time, the network is going to be one of the biggest projects out there today.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye