IndiGG — Latest Developments Initiated On the Platform

Michael Oluseye
3 min readApr 22, 2022

The year of 2022 has been really productive and active for the platform called IndiGG, which is basically the India SubDAO of YGG (Yield Guild Games) developed in Collaboration with PolygonStudios, which is The gaming system of Polygon. Indigg is going to be India’s gaming ecosystem which will empower various gamers through the use of Unique web3 functionalities such as Play-to-Earn. Over the course of the article, the latest information provided by the network will be detailed in order to comprehend their support for the community.


Kucoin listings

The platform Recently informed the community that another industry-leading exchange,, has chosen to list $INDI Token under the trading pairs INDI/USDT. Now users can commence trading activities on the exchange. For more info:

MetaDerby Collaboration

IndiGG also recently Announced that they have partnered up with Horse Racing game, metaderby. The platform was truly excited to enter this partnership with the MetaDerby team and see them scale out this metaverse made for one of the most popular p2e game genres today. For more information about it:

Avariksaga Partnership

IndiGG Recently announced that they are partnering up with Avariksaga. This initial investment from IndiGG into $AVRK will help them to further expand upon their game’s development. For more info about the collaboration:

Genopets Partnership

Recently, the platform also initiated a Collaboration with the “Move-to-earn” game called Genopets.

By offering scholars the assortment of habitats they’ve purchased, they’ll be able to use their Genopet to gather crystals of each type. This will provide them with an advantage in the game as they can use the crystals to power up their Genopets in the game. Having stronger Genopets will provide their scholars with an edge in the game allowing them to progress faster, win more PvP battles, and obtain greater earnings. Overall, they believe IndiGG scholars will have a great time playing Genopets all while being able to go outside, get fresh air, and do some activity. Genopets is a game that is truly different from others and brings many positive benefits. For more info concerning the Partnership:

Ambassador Program

In the middle of Last month, Applications were open for Season 1 of the IndiGG Ambassador Program.

IndiGG set plans to recruit 50 core contributors to the Ambassador program with a $75000 budget allocated to empower the community to help grow IndiGG’s vision. For more info about it:

Esports Partnership

While on the verge of initiating the 1st season of the ambassador program, IndiGG partnered up with The Esports Club. This was done in an effort to enlist their expertise and knowledge as they prepare to launch an awareness and education campaign to help new players ease into the web3 gaming. For more info:


The platform has a gargantuan task of converting the country of India into a Web3 gaming powerhouse. With consistent hardwork and dedication towards this goal, more and more users and gaming systems will be Integrated in or affiliated with the platform, thereby promoting prominence.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye