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The matic network has since its introduction amplified the performance of the etherum network, it utilizes an adapted version of plasma network with proof of stake based side chains to bring about massive scale to the network and eliminate the occurrence of slow block confirmation and high gas fees while completely improving user experience on all fronts.

The matic network does not only solve the problems of slow block confirmation and high transaction charges, other issues it is designed to address include

  • improving scalability by utilizing a decentralized plasma operator mechanism with finality attainable on mainchain
  • matic can scale to millions of transactions on a sidechain tree, about 65k transactions achievable on a single matic chain.
  • the network operators are already stakers and delegators in a PoS system within the matic structure, this implies that operators are quite security driven.
  • interoperability is another area where matic is excelling. various assets on diverse sidechains across blockchains are made interoperable.

These are only a tip of how much innovation the matic network has brought into the etherum network, meanwhile the network seems not to be slowing down anytime soon, due to its great potential, it has attracted the attention of various industries and companies around the world to leverage its solid architecture and improve performances within their various spaces. let’s consider a few partners of the matic network


Vulcan forged is a gaming and Dapp platform based on the blockchain technology, it is one of the biggest web3 game studios, launchpads and top5 volume non fungible token marketplace, vulcans forged is porting its settlement, staking and gaming utility token PYR to the matic network.

Vulcan forged boasts of more than ten games and Dapps in its ecosystem including the likes of berserk, vulcan verse, as well as a booming nft marketplace, partnering with the matic network will provide the much needed security and scalability both for the economy and the governance.


vanilla network is another platform leveraging matic network to improve performance. vanilla network is a leading staking, betting and investment powerhouse based on the blockchain technology. The network is developing a peer to peer betting substrate known as ‘ head to head’ bets on the magic structure, some of its unique features include allowing users create their own unique betting statements and bet on any of them without charges, rewards accrued from betting will be returned to the players in form of the vnl tokens, innovations on the magic network will provide more social betting Dapps via the vanilla platform for optimum user gaming experience.


This is another milestone of the Matic network, recently, fire protocols which is the first infrastructure to Huobi Eco chain (HECO) announced its integration of the Matic network, this protocol boasts of a power packed array of cross chain solutions including a digital money marketplace and a decentralized exchange on the Huobi Eco chain.matic


ExceedMe is a top gaming platform powered by the blockchain which creates opportunities for gamers, developers and the entire gaming communities to put their skills and efforts into good use by leveraging the power of decentralized finance and Non Fungible Tokens to earn massively. By integrating the matic network into the gaming platform, there is an availability of the speed and scale needed to enable a completely real time NFT gamification experience.


This is an NFT staking network in the DeFi industry, users can collect, combine and compete with their DeFi staked cryptocurrency collectibles (Aavegotchis) for an ultimate DeFi gaming experience. Integrating the Matic network gives this platform an advantage as it can leverage matics security, scalability and speed to thrive.


This is a cryptocurrency platform designed to enable a new generation of global traders to explore more opportunities by providing them with the necessary tools to access the full world of cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the platform has recently announced that matic, which is the unique digital currency of the matic network has been listed for trading on the exchange beginning with the Usdt and Eth pairs.


A revolutionary gaming platform that’s designed to reward gamers and developers for their participation in the substrate, the idea behind integrating Matic network to its ecosystem is to power the blockchain based reward mechanism and staking as well as offering crypto and non crypto users an unbeatable user experience.


Another interesting partnership is the one reached with the Swirgenetwork ecosystem, this network brings the entire of its decentralized services including swirgepay, swirge social media and swirge marketplace to the matic network, the swirge network rewards users for their time and contributions to the platform development through these inventive products on display on matic’s struswirge


This DeFi project is one of the biggest social capital systems with adaptive easing farm practices, the matic platform has announced a research and development alliance with reBASE.

This partnership will drastically reduce fees for token holders, moreso there will be high throughput resulting in high very correct and swift rebases.


Blockpassorg is a digital identity verification provider which provides a high compliance gateway to financial services and an array of other regulated industries.

Blockpass provides an on chain kyc verification on the matic network, Matic on the other hand will facilitate a swift, secure and reliable blockchain transactions across crypto and the vast world of decentralized finance.


Developers on the matic network are offered a very low cost storage solution with a very reliable security structure for their data.

Ochain is a decentralized cloud storage substrate that will integrate with the matic network and leverage its scalability and high speed architecture to improve performance.


The Matic network is jot only built to improve the functions of Etherum, the project team in a bid to increase the networks use case has gone as far as creating several alliances with major powerhouses within the digital space for an all round improved user experience.

The previously described platforms including swirge network, exceedme, fire protocol and others are only the beginning of its partnerships, several other partnerships will be reached in the future to further strengthen the network while proffering a substrate for other industries to reach optimum development.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye

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