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Bluzelle is a network that is built on multiple blockchains integration through a design complex robust service network that resists any potential threat from hackers to explore the data input analysis in the system platform. The platform has a decentralized network system for the growth of the economy.


Bluzelle is finance that exploits the dynamic integration of multiple chains network with the main objective of providing a contemporary decentralized network service that controls the necessary information and file mass storage for the user’s in the ecosystem.


A DEX platform of IBTs known as Wrapped finance has collaborated with Bluzelle network for segregation of Bluzelle’s service decentralized oracles into WrapFi’s ecosystem. The review of this synergy provides permission to the Bluzelle platform to regulate price stability and ensure numerical accuracy for WrapFi’s interest-bearing for user’s assets of the community members which will ensure the reliability of WrapFi’s Market Making Algorithms price regulations for the users. This will be useful for users trading IBT assets on WrapFi since they will have the access to track the price of IBTs in real-time via Bluzelle oracles. Consequently, WrapFi’s DEX will provide a more accurate and precise exchange rate for the assets of community members.

Bluzelle network has ensured the mass adoption of file storage on top of data storage which brings numerous benefits like downloading of high volume data service in a decentralization manner, faster recovery speed network, and greater duplication and redundancy volume for the ecosystem.

A multiple-chain yield that supports artificial asset and AMM DEX network which is known as WasabixFinance has pronounced their upcoming strategic partnership with Bluzelle network which help in driving increased DeFi security and provide maximum reliability of multiple chains like BSC and Ethereum. The implementation of the Bluzelle network into WasabiX platform will ensure maximum utilization of decentralized data storage solution along with Buzelle oracle solution which will reinforce the accuracy of a data network in a dynamic manner inside DeFi space.

Token holders and users were excited about the synergy of the Bluzelle network with ShieldFinance network to accelerate the global DeFi adoption in integrating the price feed into Shield’s platform to ensure the provision of accurate and reliable data for the token holders in the ecosystem. Furthermore, this synergy between these two platforms will provide the functionality of web 3.0 for web developers.

A centralized platform that is powered by Pre-IDO called GenShard has struck a strategic partnership with Bluzelle network to provide a decentralized data storage answer and network service into the ecosystem of Genesis’s platform where token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the liquidity pool and Bluzelle staking programs thereby using that platform to increase the adoption of Buzelle ecosystem and contributing immensely to the mission of strengthening the network system infrastructure for global adoption among the community members.


Bluzelle network will continue the strategic partnership with numerous finances shortly as their major plan of providing an exciting and innovative feature for ecosystem transformation in ensuring maximum safety of user’s data through oracle’s solution and also provide accurate and reliable data network service for web developers in the ecosystem.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye