For a purpose of providing finance that offers dynamic operational functions to the blockchain ecosystem led to the creation of the Nimbus network which was launched in the year 2019 which is focused on profferring users a one stop platform for everything they require in DeFi, enabled by unique cryptocurrencies called NBU and GNBU.


Nimbus system is finance that offers fluidity service to their token holders through commercial functions for accumulation of financial assets through P2P lending system.


The finance has synergized with customary investors to integrate the development of distinct income accumulation and reward generation for their token holders through the exploitation of P2P lending platforms and making use of different golden opportunities in providing liquidity for their investors in the community.


Nimbus teams have made a strategic move by pronouncing that NBU and GBNU tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap, the leading DEX on Binance platform which will aids the expansion of the network services across the globe, ensuring of seamless deployment BSC which will make the system platform more accessible for user’s and provide more opportunities for token holders and investors through the provision of liquidity service.

A leading security firm known as Hacken has joined forces with Nimbus finance, which will ensure the robustness of the Blockchain platform system and control regulation of the main audit for a seamless transaction.

What a great day for Nimbus token holders when the Nimbus team announced the news that the platform will be featuring on the top trading and analytic platform known as Tradingview which other top finance like Binance, implement for their users in the ecosystem. This has given the platform an edge to features in the top 10 trading and analytical ranking within a month among other finances.

Nimbus token knows as NBU as now be listed on the CoinMarketCap &CoinGecko, the most two reputable and rated platform system for analysis of global digital assets. During the evaluation rating, it was discovered that NBU was rated as the HIGH Confidence token in the rating system. This will make the token holders benefit from high gas fees due to the increased demand for the tokens and lower supply for NBU based on its numerical value in the financial markets.

To sum it up, GNBU and NBU are now officially in the Uniswap platform where community members and token holders can exchange their tokens after its launching which can now be used for trading and LP staking at 100% APY.

The listing of NBU on the UniSwap system will provide more opportunities and benefits for token holders in the ecosystem in terms of swapping and trading purposes.

Nimbus teams have published an article on the system platform which will unravel the mystery of deployment of the Nimbus system on BSC and the positive influence this will have on token holders.

This article will provide the necessary guidelines and more intrusive information for user’s benefits.


There are more exciting partnerships and development coming up on the Nimbus platform system for the benefit of the token holders.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye



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