The issue of volatility and long-term depreciation in volatile assets has existed in the global cryptocurrency world in the last decade which has caused a lot of worries among the investors in the ecosystem. Technically, the adoption of fiat currency to regulate the woes of volatility in the market world will fail tremendously in a long run. Therefore, there is a need to develop a system platform that will regulate the defects of volatility and also maintain its purchasing power over a long period regardless of any direction in the market moves in terms of exchange values.


MahaDao is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that was primarily built to regulate the ever-growing increase in centralization power in the global market.


Recently, MahaDao announced their partnership with Playcent to blend ARTH as a payment option on Playcent’s NFT global world. This partnership has strategically implemented the integration of ARTH as a payment method into their administrative system for the benefit of the investors and the community users in the ecosystem.

There is aliveness among the community members on the news of MahaDAO partnership with Defi, which is one of the first lending platform systems where MAHA and ARTH tokens can be used collaterals. This will increase the numerical value of the investors and community users who are interested in farming to boost their financial assets in the generation of more tokens into their wallets.

MAHA token holders were pleased to hear the news of the creation of a new stacking pool from the MahaDAO teams which has a numerical worth of 20% increase in terms of stacking APY compared to the previous pool.

There is a strategic collaboration of MahaDAO with @oddz finance platform, which a multi-link options for trading system for the community members. Technically, this synergy will facilitate the provision of several options for tokens like $MAHA and $ARTH for trading purposes.

MahaDAO teams have announced that $MAHA will be among the listed tokens in the upcoming EmiSwap exchange, which is the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem. This is great news for $MAHA token holders in the ecosystem.

Bridge Mutual has collaborated with MahaDAO which has efficiently provided the token holders of $MAHA and $ARTH an extended level of stability and trust in the MahaDAO administrative platform during s transaction. Furthermore, this partnership will also offer risk coverage for $ARTH token holders and provides security for $MAHA token holders.

MahaDAO teams have successfully strategized @UNCX in their effort to provide a safe environment for the community members by extending liquidity service for the $MAHA token holders on the Uniswap platform for business transaction.


MahaDAO finance has a long rich of improving the working system in the administrative platform through numerous successful partnerships with other finance in providing a solution to volatility woes and retaining the purchasing power. MahaDAO will continue to explore all beneficial partnerships with others finance to provide the best service to their community members in the ecosystem.

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Article Written By: Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye



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