Stafi teams have developed and launched the rKSM App on the network system after series of testing and auditing of the application app to test the level of liquidity strength for the provision of solving and unlocking of Kusama stacking among the community members.

Therefore, the KSM holders can stake their tokens on the application platform to maximize their stacking benefits and also obtain stacking vouchers which can be effective transfer and exchanged on the Dexes exchange market. This will enable the community members, stackers, and investors to benefits immensely from the reward of frictionless decentralized stacking.


Stafi rKSM App is a decentralized Defi commodity that opens the fluidity of the Kusama token in the capital market.

With the creation of rKSM app, the token holders will enjoy maximum benefits on effective liquidity and stacking reward which will lead to flexible trading in the capital market.



The creation of rKSM application system has offers the users, the token holders, and community members in the ecosystem effective and efficient transaction and trading of stacking vouchers at any given period on the Uniswap platform to enjoy the fluidity and to avoid high rate interest in price risks during the transaction.


The mechanism of rKSM application system offers flexible steps which the user needs to understand to deposit KSM into the application wallet, in which the system will automatically generate the best validators for the users by performing the stacking rewards maximization techniques algorithm.


The calculated staking APY on the system platform for KSM stackers is around 16%, which has increase with a numerical figure of 2% than the estimated average staking APY in the whole Kusama network due to the SRMS calculation.

This platform offers numerous stacking benefits through the following techniques:


The KSM token that has been deposited by the community members in the ecosystem will be randomly distributed among the mini staking pools platform to reduce the probability of slashing occurrence through the selection of top-notch validators during the trading process in the capital market.


For high-quality service and provision of reasonable low-cost commission rate to provide higher percentage rewards of APY for stackers, it’s essential to choose top-notch professional high-quality validators to carry out the required liquidity service for the benefits of all community members in the ecosystem. The rKSM Application will evaluate the performance of the numerical data to ensure high quality and excellence validators with relatively cost fewer commissions were selected to provide the required service.

Token holders need to pay 0.2% redemption fees based on the numerical figure of rKSM tokens that needs to unbind.


The creation of the Liquid staking solution application has tremendously provided a variety of liquidity services for the token holders, community members, and investors at a low-cost commission rate with maximum stacking benefits simultaneously on the system network.

In addition to this, the KSM stackers will also enjoy flexible trading on the system platform. Indeed, this is a welcome development for all stalkers in the ecosystem.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye

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