StaFi Network — A Noteworthy Liquidity based Partner With MonoX Network

In the article today, we’ll be basing our discussion on the partnership that StaFi has developed with MonoX platform. MonoX platform on the 27th of October, announced their Partnership with the Liquidity- Staking ecosystem called StaFi network, The two platforms are going to innovate the best capital- simplified liquidty to staked coins. Before delving into more features from this collaboration, insights on the MonoX Network and StaFi network will be detailed below

StaFi is a decentralized finance ecosystem that was made to unlock the liquidity of various staked funds. Fund holders are going to be staking via the stake based contracts on the network and gain derived coins refered to as “r- tokens”, this coins include; r- Eth, r- DOT, and so on. These r- tokens hold similar worth, as the original assets are freely exchangeable, and can obtain similar staking based rewards from the original chain network. StaFi network is going to develop pools for the r- tokens on MonoX platform, granting their numerous operators, a capital- simplified process to make exchanges and granting Liquidity. The rest of the article will be dealing with the advantageous features that Moon X has developed with StaFi.

MonoX Network is a project which innovated the bootstrap Community based exchange called Moon swap. Various project creators can now list their coins without capital demand burdens while basing their funds for the development of the project rather than granting Liquidity.

It also works by organizing deposited coins into a digital pair with their own v(USD) based Stablecoin, in order to provide a single coin pool architecture.

MonoX Network plans to restructure the DeFi industry by solving the inefficiencies in capital for different current protocol networks. With their automated low exchange taxes, capital simplicity and so on. Moon X looks to expand the DeFi’s capabilities. More information on their Collaboration features will be detailed below.

StaFi’s Value Supported Coin Liquidity with MonoX
With their single coin pool architecture, they are the best capital- simplified protocol to provide r- tokens more of Liquidity, and other coins that are readily supported by value. The feature is not just for unlocking the Stakes that are locked, but for unlocking the process of profiting from what the user owns or can access. As more of the digital or real- world assets undergo tokenization, MonoX looks to become a great Ecosystem that will undergo exchanges for the Value Supported Tokens.

Synthetic Funds Or Assets
Synthetic funds or assets will undergo tokenization onchain representation for other real life assets such as real estate, stokes or even gold. These Erc- 20 tokens are going to serve as ownership, in order for users to make exchanges or even distribution, without having to actually move the main assets. This will also be very helpful for cross border transactions.

Fractional Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
If a user can obtain and own NFTs, then they should have the ability to own it with a lot of individuals, thereby developing fractions of the Non Fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can now share ownership rights for any NFT based item such as the latest releases from their preferred artists, which they can trade on the network (MonoX), thereby gaining passive returns on their investment.

Gaming Coins
In Non Fungible Token gaming, assets such as character upgrades, armor and so on, can be an NFT and will be efficiently be exchanged as coins on MonoX.

Insurance Coins
Such coins are going to represent a user’s participation in community based insurance networks. The assets contributed or deposited by the members will be the payout pool. Due to it being tokenized on the chain network, payment expenses and collateral trades will be done automatically.

StaFi network is really looking to truly revolutionize the DeFi industry through their r- token solutions, they’ll be fully supporting MonoX with pools for r- tokens, in order to empower various users with a really capital- simplified experience in making out trades while enabling Liquidity. As StaFi continues to restructure the industry along with other prominent DeFi platforms such as MonoX, users globally will be provided with a spot to trade on value supported tokens.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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