StaFi Platform — Community Upgrades Done In the Month of September

Michael Oluseye
4 min readOct 28, 2021


In the month of September, both the r- MATIC application and the r- BNB application have been fully released on the mainnet of StaFi. While this happened, formations for the release of the r- SOL application were done earlier in October.

The campaign for Yield based farming which was activated by liqee, d- Force and especially StaFi network has contributed immensely to the network’s TVL. StaFi platform has consistently announced community upgrades or updates along with TVL development figures. Over the course of the article, more information on the updates for the month of September will be detailed.


r- MATIC updates
On the 1st of September, StaFi platform listed their r- MATIC and MATIC coin exchange pairs on the medium called Quickswap. The Liquidity based pool has an amount of 200 thousand USDT, various holders of r- MATIC tokens can carry out exchanges and addition of Liquidity on the network, Quickswap.

r- BNB updates
On the 13th of the month, September, StaFi platform activated an r- BNB infographic, this is going to help individuals to fully comprehend and understand the token with it’s application.

On the 14th of the month, September, StaFi platform activated their solution for Liquid based staking for BNBs that are staked on the Binance network.

On the 15th of the month, September, StaFi platform’s r- BNB application was fully online. They have put out a FIS pool for rewards at a value of 1 million USDT for BNB staking users through the r- BNB application to commence r- BNB Minting. The liqee platform is also supporting with a huge campaign for yield farming, this was done for holders of r- BNB coins.

On the 18th of September, the StaFi platform updated their r- BNB based analysis, StaFi’s staked- BNB value has gotten to 4521, while the network’s TVL value is of $1,853,610 (USDT).

While On the 26th of September, StaFi’s staked- BNB value through the r- BNB application was of 7645, while TVL value is of $2,591,551.01 (USDT)

Main-net Upgrade (Version 0.4.7)
On the 14th of September, StaFi’s network mainnet (version 0.4.7) was activated, more details on the upgrade will be stated:

A new Bond- Action (Type) added to be r- BNB supported

Bond- Functions added to be compatible with r- token swapping or trading to other mediums when minting the r- token.

Signature based Verification update for r- SOL

r- SOL updates
On the 23rd of the month, September, the StaFi platform activated their solution for r- SOL, this is going to fully dissolve staking based liquidity issues for various Solana users.


r- DOT analysis
On the 2nd of the month, September, the Staked based DOT value through the r- DOT application was of 70, 877, while TVL value was of $2, 276, 585(USDT)

r- ATOM Analysis
On the 3rd of the month, September, the staked based ATOM value through the r- ATOM application was of 166, 497.10, while TVL value was of 3, 969, 290.76 (USDT)

On the 13th of September, the Staked based ATOM value through the r- ATOM application was of 214, 109, while TVL value was of $7, 072, 045.14 (USDT)

Leveraged- Staking schemes for Research
On the 6th of September, StaFi platform initiated their research on a staking phenomenon called “Leveraged- Staking”. This means that an individual can commence r- Token mortgaging in order to lend native- coins out through the lending based protocol.

First Anniversary for the Mainnet
On the 7th of September, StaFi initiated their Mainnet first Anniversary commencements. The platform then activated six r- tokens, which are r- FIS, r- ETH, r- DOT, r- KSM, r- ATOM, r- MATIC, r- BNB with rSOL. Many Achievements have been made by the platform till now, StaFi plans on restructuring the commercial utlization of Staking through the r- Token.

Warriors- Program
On the 13th of September, the platform’s warriors performed well to develop their Brand’s name.

Grants for Validators
On the 27th of September, StaFi platform initiated the 4th grant scheme given to highly valuable validators who had Immensely contributed to the operations over time. Only four validators will be nominated.

On the 30th of September, StaFi platform put out the reports for ratings from the TokenInsight medium.


RockX- AMA
On the 9th of September, the network brought in the CEO of RockX inorder to the community in order to discuss the recent RockX based developments with partnerships.

CommonWealth Collabs
On the 8th of September, StaFi network activated their latest governance medium version with the support of CommonWealth.

Tidal Collab
On the 15th of the month, September, the network updated their data on adoption with tidal.

Polygon- AMA
On the 16th of the month, September, Co- founder of StaFi was brought to the community for Polygon in order to discuss various topics concerning the r- Token.

On the 16th of the month, September, this campaign was initiated by both StaFi platform and of course Liqee. Various individuals can even stake their individual BNB inorder to gain 9.7 percent (APR), rewards for FIS coins and r- BNB coins.

The platform has really worked immensely hard to complete the activation of both r- MATIC and the r- BNB in the month of September. As the month of October is ending they’ll deliver more announcements about the updates, to fully comprehend their diversification schemes.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye