The aim of providing a decentralized application system platform that will function as network devices between programmers and community members led to the creation of The Dapp list. The network system is curating web3 admission for the community members in the ecosystem. This platform will serve as a bridge between developers and investors, where funding capital can be raised to incentivize quality projects that will attract market attention for Dapp List’s investment partners and community members at large in the ecosystem.

About The Dapp List

The Dapp List is dynamic platforms that implement the adoption of web3 for integration of multiple –chain for the ecosystem. It’s was primarily designed to act as a networking system where users and programmers can explore, trade, and invest their tokens and products in a commercial market.


The system has outlined their plan of actions, laying out the future actions for the user’s as follows:

• The Dapp List platform has announced the launching of IDO, and onboard partners for the developers in the ecosystem.

• Building of developer’s module for onboarding builders.

• Expansion of other chains for investment purposes.


• Frictionless Curation

• Buidi -Launchedpad for developers.

• Investment opportunities.


The Dapp is building a multi-chain ecosystem to curate the mass adoption of Web3 has been introduced on the Genesis Shard platform to increase the adoption of the web3 ecosystem bridging the link between Web2 and Web3.

The Dapp List teams have launched a BUIDL module on the platform system for programmers for dynamic integration of different multiple chains for developers thereby further validating their ideas and building the ecosystem through marketing their application system for the community members.

The introduction of BlockchainCutie on the system platform by Dapp teams will foster the new collection of crypto games w/ adventures where the token holder can play real and fantasy games on the system platform and also receive tokens as a reward through their participation on the system platform.

Furthermore, idle finance has joined forces with the Dapp List network system which will provide the highest interest rates for their community members either during staking or trading of financial assets.

The Dapp List teams have created the V2 application system which has facilitated a higher volume of largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges for traders and also provides a superior decentralized finance platform that will aid the improvement of capital efficiency and trading execution in a business transaction for traders in the ecosystem.

Community members were excited about the news of having Setprotocol on the Dapp List application system which will open standard handling baskets of tokens for users on the Ethereum network by manifesting a platform system that curates a decentralized application which is governance by the multiple-chains system for community members.


The creation of this application system will reduce centralized authority, thereby supporting the development of web designed for developers in the ecosystem which will provide the users the opportunities to explore the offering benefits of the application system for future use.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye