PoS (Proof of Stake) internationally accepted Stake model as one of the features of StaFi protocol system. The issue of liquidity hardships can’t be completely limited if rToken can’t be fully utilized, traded, and exchanged with other financial resources. StaFi has put forth a demanding attempt to genuinely and industriously give a comprehensive utilization of cases such as financial resource that are adaptable for transaction at a seamless rates for all rTokens users.


StaFi is an application decentralized protocol that unfastened the financial staked resources of users in the ecosystem. It implements POS in performing its functions.


StaFi teams have successfully increased the incentive pool for #rETH/ETH fluidity suppliers on the curve finance platform, which is a rank among the top farming APY pools for their token holders.

The platform system has implemented the deployment of the mainnet network system in upgrading the customary version of Ul/UX for the primary aim of lowering the validator’s deposit and attracts more investors into the platform system. This will essentially curb the validators experienced with the slash penalty protocol system and the past experiences of matching the validators through the integration of decentralized match by StaFi platform system.

The system has provides an incentive reward for their token holders and users in the ecosystem through the minting of #rETH and provision of liquidity service, where users will have an entitlement of lower trading fees of 0.03%, reward of $CRV token with the minimum range of 5.67% to a maximum range of 14.16% and also the token reward of $FIS, which is a strategic move in attracting more investors, users and increasing their global image in the decentralized market among others blockchain system.

StaFi protocol has partner with irisnetwork system for the listing of rATOM on the Coinswap platform, one of the leading swapping token platforms in the blockchain system. This will provide incentive opportunities to community members and leads to the expansion of rToken into Cosmos decentralized ecosystem.

Another rock-solid collaboration has occurred between StaFi and Polkalokr system for the exploration of liquid staking of multi-chain network for community members, this will serve as a locking mechanism for token holders regards to their token holders.


Stafi has developed over the years through the implementation of progressive Blockchain enactment in building a Decentralized system and providing the platform that generates additional benefits for liquid providers as well as validators through a listing of rATOM.

StaFi has integrated Centralized exchange to list pairs like rToken/Bitmax, rToken/ USDT to enhance transaction and frictionless liquidity of rToken for community members.

To finalize, StaFi is flexible in its operation for exploitation of all possibilities of rToken community users to originate strong partnerships with divergent protocols for flexibility in its operation and betterment service for all its users, investors, validators, and community members in the ecosystem at large.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye




Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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Michael Oluseye

Michael Oluseye

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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