Trace Network — Recent Achievements Provided By the Platform

The Trace Network has been collaborating and innovating new systems for their community’s experience to be heightened or improved. Over the course, we’ll be going over the developments that Trace Network has accomplished during this past week. Before that a little iteration on what Trace Network entails will be granted below.


Trace Network is simply a special business system which has been implemented as a business-grade, Proof of stake, permissionless system for the SupplyChain, management of data, trade based settlements, & of course financing through the power of Decentralized Finance and NonFungible tokens (NFTs).

Trace Network has been developed by individuals who have been active in emerging Technology for over 20 years. Due to this, they understand the solution, demand, & complexity for developing enterprises for the new generation. More info on their recent developments for the week will be stated below:


Referral Contest Extension

On the 26th of March, the platform reminded its Community that users can refer their friends and Win themselves TRACE tokens. Anyone can participate in this contest including the user’s referrals. It was also mentioned that the team had extended the referral Contest to the 31st of March, 2022. The platform encourages the community to go out and refer the project to their friends as there is limited time. For more info:

Recognition from the Crypto Expo 2022

On the 26th of March, the platform Announced that they are absolutely thrilled that Trace’s Real looking Avatars and Lifestyle4Metaverse Concept & Technology for the Metaverse have been rewarded handsomely. They were also proud to be recognized as the most Advanced Metaverse Infrastructure Company 2022. For more info:

Meta Staking Fest Goes Live

On the 26th of March, the platform Announced that the Meta Staking Fest has been launched. On Ethereum, Users can stake TRACE tokens and earn TRACE Tokens. While On Polygon, users can stake TRACE tokens and earn MANA, SAND, and BLOK tokens. It’s important to note that the Polygon staking will only be lasting for a few days. For more info:

CryptoCrowd2011 AMA

On Thursday, the 24th of March at 8pm IST/ 2:30pm UTC, Trace’s CEO (RaoloKesh) went live in an AMA with CryptoCrowd2011. He talked about their product “BUDDY”, details on the recent launch of BUDDY beta, creating real looking Avatars for the Metaverse, which discussing on Trace Network’s Vision, Overall Roadmap and more. For more info:

Trace Network’s Avatar And Fashion NFT Vision Featured in Perfect Sounding

In a candid conversation with Team Trace, PERFECT SOURCING — a leading B2B websites catering to Apparel & Textile Industry of India — unravels Trace Network’s vision to empower Metaverse residents with an enriching experience through real-looking Avatars via BUDDY & wearable FashionNFTs to equip and adorn these Avatars. For more info:

Financial Express features Trace’s BUDDY Vision

With the growing global Metaverse market comes the need for users who are not limited to one metaverse or have to create multiple digital avatars on multiple metaverses.

Trace’s BUDDY is on the path to create real-looking avatars which can be used across different metaverses on different blockchains.

Financial Express has extensively featured the above Trace’s Vision of BUDDY for the metaverses. For more info:


Trace Network is an amazing platform which helps to provide and enable enterprises around the digital Sphere with a highly transparent & trustworthy system while maintaining realtime traceability of merchandise and rewarding it’s users with it’s ERC 20 based Trace token . These functions are proof of their prominence and prestige, with time more users will be drawn to their amazing POS based platform.

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Article Written By : Adasofunjo Michael Oluseye



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